Talos Engineered Products – Team - Middle Tennessee’s Governor Volunteer Star Award

Talos Engineered Products Receives Middle Tennessee’s Governor Volunteer Star Award

Posted on Apr. 20th' 23
Caroline Holley

Pictured from Left to Right (Back Row): Eddie Boyte, Danny LaLonde, Adam Shoemake, Wayne Clemons Pictured from Left to Right (Front Row): Laura Johnson, Sharon Barrett, Marie LaLonde, Danny King, Caroline Holley

For Talos Engineered Products, corporate social responsibility is at the heart of the business and one of
its foundational pillars – a commitment to improving lives that transcends mere public relations or
impressing others. When Talos was establish in 1982, the founders set out with clear intent to “show
how business can improve lives and love others,” a statement that underpins the company’s culture.
While the company often raises funds for noble causes, Talos’ primary goal is for its people to invest
time and effort in more personal ways, whether it’s painting walls, replacing ceiling tiles, donating and
serving food at homeless shelters, remodeling buildings, or participating in walk-a-thons, marathons or
golf outings. “This hands-on approach allows for a more rewarding experience for the Talos Team in
seeing how their actions make a positive difference in others’ lives,” says VP of People and Culture,
Marie LaLonde.

Talos and its people have supported many local organizations, including  HOPEtown , In His Image
Pregnancy Resource Center, Tennessee Hunters for the Hungry, and the Child Advocacy Center. As an
added benefit, this dedication to employee engagement and community service has contributed to the
company’s exceptional retention rate.

“Talos is the epitome of what a community partner is and should be. Whenever they see a need, Talos is
ready and willing to help,” says Marshall County’s Joint Economic and Community Development Board
Member, Emily Darnell, who nominated the company to win the Middle Tennessee Governor’s
Volunteer Star Award in January of 2023.

“I am so proud that Governor’s Volunteer Star association chose Talos Engineered Products at the 2022
Middle Tennessee Business Honoree – I can’t think of a business more deserving.”
The Talos Team continues to approach each day as a chance to help in our community, and our team is
always looking for ways to live out our mission of “showing how business can improve lives and love
others,” explains Marie LaLonde.

Wayne Clemons, the President of Talos Engineered Products, says, “Not only is this a great honor for
Talos, but it was also unexpected. After hearing all the great work the other companies and individuals
have done over the past year, it made me even more proud to receive this award.”

Winning this award was made possible by all of the hard-working team members at Talos, explains
Clemons. “They truly are dedicated to helping us achieve our purpose.”

Want to know more about the Talos Culture? Read more about our culture here or reach out to us to
see how we can get involved with your outreach!