Contract Manufacturing Tennessee

UHMW Chutes

Unlike steel or galvanized chutes used for flow from one level to another in an operation, UHMW chutes provide a low friction, non-magnetic, self-lubricating, and highly abrasion resistant surface. This ensures smoother, more reliable product flow that minimizes the risk of jams. The material also significantly reduces chute maintenance.

Additionally, our UHMW chutes come in spiral and self-centering configurations. They are constructed from standardized, modular components and do not require welding to assemble. Instead, they are flat packed for shipment directly to the installation site, allowing a single truckload to transport multiple chutes. This significantly maximizes trailer capacity while reducing overall freight costs — unlike standard chutes that are assembled and pre-welded prior to shipment and installation. Upon arrival, the chutes’ patented design (Patent No: US 10,766,702 B2) allows for quick construction and field adjustments.

  • Chute can be used across multiple industries.
  • Chute flattens out to maximize truck capacity. Saves on freight.
  • Chute can be designed to project specific widths and pitches.
  • Multiple entries can be accommodated with chute design.
  • The modularity of the chute design allows for multiple pitches to coexist within the same chute.
  • Available in widths 34”, 44” , 52”. Consult with TALOS for other project specific options. Custom designs are available.
  • Offered in various degree ranges to meet your project specific needs. See “UHMW Chute Configuration Guide”.
  • UHMW design allows for smoother product flow and reduces the opportunity for jams.
  • UHMW offers a low friction, self-lubricated, high abrasion resistant, non-magnetic sliding surface in degree ranges of 30° – 1,800° in 15° increments. See “UHMW Chute configuration guide”.
  • Modular design allows for some field adjustments on design if needed.
  • Standardization of components allows for a quick turnaround.
  • Stainless steel and Galvanized entries and discharges are available.
  • Offered in spiral & self-centering applications, plus many more.
  • Full install drawing packets are supplied with chute purchase.
  • Simple addition of inlets can easily be added at later dates.