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Training Opportunities

It is important to us that you know how to effectively maintain and work with Talos software and equipment. Through seminars, webinars and on-site training, Talos offers a variety of training to our end users and integration partners.

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Durable, High Quality Materials

We go beyond just creating a quality product from the shop. We value feedback from customers and installation crews on how Talos equipment can be optimized for ease of field installation.

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World Class Service

We accept nothing else than leading the industry in customer service. Customers receive prompt responses to calls and emails, while receiving. continuous updates throughout the project cycle.

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On-Time Delivery

By working closely with your project managers and properly phasing a project’s delivery schedule, Talos targets to maintain a 98% on- time shipping average.

conveyor systems manufacturers

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Professional Employees

OUR Culture

It’s natural to think of business transactions as ‘In order for me to win, someone has to lose.’ It’s also commonly believed that every business decision should be made with the goal of maximizing profits. We don’t accept those statements. Instead, we believe the Talos community is made up of five equally important stakeholder groups, each that should be fully considered and valued as decisions are made:

As our team makes decisions, we will use a ‘Lens’ that considers the impact, both short-term and long-term, to each of our stakeholders. We will strive to find solutions that allow every group to win, especially in the long-term, and try to avoid ‘I win / you lose’ results.

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Talos Purpose Core Values & Mission
conveyor systems manufacturers


“Talos has been an amazing partner working with our company for the buyout chutes and other products. Any company can make a chute; however, with Talos, we know that it will be done right the first time, and my internal customers (engineers and project managers) will get the level of service that they expect, as well as deserve.”

Senior Procurement Project Management Specialist

Talos has always worked hard to deliver on their commitments. They deliver on-time with a sense of urgency that gives us a sense of confidence.


“Talos continues to be a reliable and important part of our company’s success. Their attention to detail, quality, customer service, and response time are among the best within the industry. When we’re seeking a partner for a solution or looking for accessories and parts to complete an installation, we can count on Talos to deliver every time for us.”

Quintec Integration, Inc.

“Talos has been an excellent Partner to our Company and to this Account specifically, they conduct themselves in professional and personal manners. They are knowledgeable, open to innovation, and flexible when schedules become rearranged. And above all else, they are transparent, which is my favorite quality in any Vendor or Supplier. I value my relationship with Talos and look forward to working with them across multiple Accounts for years to come!”

-Director of Business Development

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