Turnkey Mechanical Installation, Training, Repair and Retrofit Services are Available from TALOS

Posted on Sep. 22nd' 23
Caroline Holley

Service has always been a pillar of TALOS Engineered Products’ culture. It’s not only one of our eight core values, but it’s also at the heart of our commitment to improving our local communities. It’s also why we’re known for providing exceptional support for our parcel and material handling customers throughout the design and engineering process.

Therefore, when some of our largest parcel handling customers encouraged us to expand our service offerings to include turnkey mechanical installation, training, and retrofits, we accepted the challenge and the opportunity to serve. In response, TALOS launched a new Field Services Department two years ago, and I transitioned from my previous position as our facilities manager to oversee this new business unit.

Currently, the Field Services Team is made up of field engineers, a project manager, and myself — with plans to expand our resources based on opportunity and customer needs in the future. The Field Services team’s current offered services include mechanical installation of our UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) chutes, on-site training, retrofits, inspections, and warranty repairs.

Chute Installation Services

Part of the services offered by the Field Services Department includes our Field Engineers facilitating and supporting the installation of our UHMW chutes, as well as chutes we manufacture from stainless steel and galvanized steel. In addition, we work with the project system integrator and the end user to schedule the delivery of the components, determine the installation timeline and support onsite inventory management.

Our product expertise sets us apart from other service providers – there is no one that understands our products better than we do. It is crucial to the site’s success to have someone that is familiar with our product to avoid issues with hardware, process flow, alignment, and functionality, causing major problems onsite that could lead to safety hazards, breakdowns and critical downtime. Streamlined communication with engineers, project managers and manufacturing give us an advantage. Talos’ Field Services provides attention to detail and valuable experience to support customers and ensure the job is done correctly and effectively.

By engaging TALOS’ Field Services Department for a mechanical installation project, our knowledge of our products ensures they will be installed properly and quickly the first time. This saves end customers and systems integrators both time and money, as well as eliminates frustration by streamlining the installation.

Retrofit Services

When material handling operations require improvements to existing equipment, retrofitting is often the answer. Retrofits are modifications to equipment to improve performance or adapt to a changing environment. Retrofits could range from a variety of tasks to help with overall efficiency.

TALOS’ Field Services Department is available to perform these retrofit installations to meet the specific needs of the facility. Like our new equipment installation services, mechanical retrofits include coordination of scheduling with the site’s customer. They also include on-site inventory management and testing of the final installation, along with installation and maintenance training if needed.

Inspection Services    

Even when mechanical installation services aren’t completed by Talos, our Field Services Department can be there to complete inspections on all Talos products. Our Field Engineers inspects our products for proper installation, hardware, defects, quality, and function. Inspections can be completed throughout the installation duration as well as a final inspection prior to launch.

We utilize software during inspections to capture pictures and detailed notes for each product, creating a formal punch list. Our Field Engineers also use this software to generate inspection reports that are reviewed by the installation team and provided to the customer. If requested our team can return to verify completion of all items found during the inspection.

Training Services

In addition to offering chute installation services, TALOS’ Field Services Department can also train installers, contractors, and end customer personnel on our products and processes. During a minimum of two, eight-hour workdays, our Field Engineers first demonstrate how to assemble and install the product, then work alongside the installation crew as they get hands-on experience installing, adjusting, and fine-tuning the equipment. They answer questions and offer insider tips based on their own installation expertise.

Since maintenance is also a critical aspect of keeping a system operating at its peak, TALOS’ Field Engineers can train the end user’s in-house maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) service team. Training is offered for both maintenance and operation of chutes and powered conveyor products.

Warranty Repair Services

TALOS warranties its products — including powered conveyor, chutes, platforms, and accessories — for a full year post-installation and commissioning. This includes service and parts in the first 12 months, should they be needed. After the initial 12-month warranty period ends, the Field Services Department can provide a quote to complete repairs and/or service the equipment.

Currently, all the turnkey mechanical offerings from TALOS’ Field Service Department are available on a project-by-project basis. As demand for our services grows, and as we expand our team, we look forward to providing more services to help our customers keep their facilities performing during peak.

Coming Soon…

With the growth of our company, and our Field Services department, Talos Engineered Products is excited to release conveyor installation services soon to those that purchase Talos conveyor. “Our team is constantly growing and seeking new challenges. Not only are we expanding our chute services, but we are currently exploring new opportunities with powered conveyor. We are excited to continue exceeding expectations within the material handling industry as we further develop our services to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers,” says Danny LaLonde.

Need installation, training, or retrofit services for your operation? Engage our Field Services Department. We look forward to helping you. Contact us.