Our Culture

What Sets Us Apart

  1. Our culture and community involvement allow us to be set apart from other organizations.
  2. At Talos, we offer an internship and apprenticeship that allow students to grow personally and professionally.

Our Values

How we act



We will live our purpose and positively impact others.


Live the Golden Rule

Love one another and treat others as we want to be treated. Forgive, be honest and kind.


Get Things Done

Be a person who others can count on to get the job done no matter the obstacle



Speak truthfully and fully with others, never let your important thoughts and ideas go unsaid



Be humble and put others above yourself by always looking for opportunities to help


Own It

Admit your mistakes, don’t blame others, ask what you could do different, work hard to make it right.



Constantly look for better ways to do things. Help make Talos better every day


Learn and Grow

Be a learner, not a knower. Understand you can never know enough and do the hard work of making yourself better

Our Lens

It’s natural to think of business transactions as ‘In order for me to win, someone has to lose.’ It’s also commonly believed that every business decision should be made with the goal of maximizing profits. We don’t accept those statements. Instead, we believe the Talos community is made up of five equally important stakeholder groups, each that should be fully considered and valued as decisions are made:

As our team makes decisions, we will use a ‘Lens’ that considers the impact, both short-term and long-term, to each of our stakeholders. We will strive to find solutions that allow every group to win, especially in the long-term, and try to avoid ‘I win / you lose’ results. We will do so because we believe that ‘Showing How Business Can Improve Lives’ can only be fully realized when everyone who contributes to the success of our business gets to share in its success.

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Our Team Members

Our Team Members will enjoy doing work that’s both important and interesting, with many opportunities for growth, accompanied by very competitive pay and benefits.

Our Customers

Our Customers will be cared for by a team of highly motivated, loyal and purposeful people.

Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers will be treated fairly and honestly, knowing that they will have opportunities to grow as we grow.

Our Investors

Our Investors will benefit through the improved profitability that comes from well-executed work done by a highly effective team; that comes from an industry-leading reputation; the fair treatment we’ll receive from our core group of key suppliers.

Our Communities

Our Communities and the World in which we live will benefit from the time, talent and treasure that we will enthusiastically share, both as a corporate team and as individuals.

Team Events

Christmas Party:

We always enjoy celebrating Christmas each year with our teams.  This is a great opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments for the year.  We recognize our team for all their hard work for the year and thank them for contributing to our success.  Great night of food, games, and comradery.


Summer Event:

Summer fun event is when we get our teams and their families together for some fun.  Cookout, games, and lots of fun for the kids.

Summer Event

Summer Event

Christmas Event

Christmas Event

Team Events

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