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Talos Ichor 3D Software

Talos Ichor 3D

At Talos, we exist to show how business can improve lives and love others. One way we’re doing that is through our newest software extension, Ichor 3D, which enables clients to save time and money when solving their material handling problems.

Talos Ichor 3D Systems

With Ichor 3D you can be rest assured that your material handling issues are solved! This all in one 2D and 3D solution handles elaborate calculations, drawings, quotes, installation sheets, and much more. There is no need to worry about the specifics because Ichor 3D handles it all. Ichor 3D is the fastest method to engineer your parcel handling conveyor systems. With built in rules for multiple end user specifications, you can have confidence your system designs will be completed efficiently and accurately.

“We needed a solution that would allow us to visualize systems in 3D, streamline our entire sales and order process, and shorten our lead time. CET Designer could do just that”
– Vice President of Parcel Conveyor and Chutes, Matt Harvey

We are excited to give our customers a program that accelerates the engineering and ordering process.

Benefits of Ichor 3D:

Instant Conveyor BOM
Export Reports:
Spare Parts
EQ list
Gates Reports
Pulley Pages
Maintenance Pages
Designed to accommodate End User Specs
Quick review of any engineering obstacles
Ability to develop 2D layout drawing, 3D Concept, and Elevation Drawings in a single program
Auto calculates Horse Power requirements
Calculate belt pull based on preset boundaries.