Jathan Richard -Nick Olson

Talos Engineered Products Fosters Organizational Changes for a Stronger Future

Posted on Jun. 16th' 23
Caroline Holley

As our company has grown, so too has the number of customers we serve and the types of products and solutions we provide them. Recent years have proven a test in organizational resilience – an organization’s ability to withstand a change or challenge, then emerge stronger from it. Organizations that champion resilience are best positioned to absorb shocks and navigate trials with a pragmatic plan.

As a part of Talos’ 2023 – 2028 growth plan, Jathan Richard has been promoted to the VP of Engineering for Talos Engineered Products, overseeing all design groups within Talos. Jathan has been with Talos for 12 years, serving as our VP of Parcel Conveyor and Chutes for the last two years.

“Our goal with this change is to create a consistent standard across all engineering groups and streamline the engineering process, giving one person the ability to manage all resources from a design standpoint and ensure we have a standard approach to engineering across the company,” says Executive Vice President, Matt Harvey. Jathan will be overseeing Talos’ Parcel Engineering, Baggage Handling Engineering, New Product Development, and our Equipment Solutions Group.

“I continue to be blessed and humbled as part of an organization that is focused on showing how business can improve lives and love others,” says Richard. “I am excited to continue cultivating winning teams within Talos while also providing world-class service to the industry. I am looking forward to continuing the path of building community within our engineering network through energy, purpose and commitment to our goals, customers and communities.”

With this change, Nick Olson has been promoted from Business Development Manager to the VP of Parcel Conveyor and Chutes to backfill Jathan’s role in our company. “We are excited about Nick being in this role because of his years of experience in the material handling industry, as well as his relationships with all of Talos’ customers and end users,” says Harvey.

“I am blessed to be a part of the Talos Team. Talos’ dedication and innovation is what makes us a leading supplier within the material handling industry. I look forward to continuing to serve our team and customers in my new position,” says Olson.

In addition to implementing higher standards across engineering groups, this restructuring allows us to gain a better understanding of our customer’s complete business needs, allowing our engineering teams to better understand our resource bases on the most critical projects.

To learn more about these changes, please reach out to Executive Vice President, Matt Harvey (matt.harvey@talosep.com)