Tony Santora - Business Development Manager

Creating More Informed Solutions, One Customer at a Time, Through TALOS’ Reorganized Business Development Team

Posted on May. 31st' 23
Caroline Holley

System integrators, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and end customers rely on TALOS Engineered Products to provide equipment and solutions that streamline and optimize material handling processes. That includes our products for parcel handling, chutes, and baggage handling, and our new field service offerings.

As our company has grown, so too has the number of customers we serve and the types of products and solutions we provide them. Yet, in our enthusiasm to build closer relationships across all three of our customer segments, we were — in some instances — providing more contacts than were necessarily needed.

For example, a single company might be contacted by three different members of TALOS’ business development team… one for each solution. That is, a different representative of each of TALOS’ parcel or baggage products and field services was contacting a single customer individually.

When we realized that approach was neither streamlined nor optimized, we did what we’re known for: we designed and engineered a new solution. This past April, we reconfigured our own business development team to eliminate these redundancies. Now, each TALOS customer (and prospect) has a single point of contact who represents all our products and services, instead of multiple individuals representing TALOS’ different offerings.

Relationships Lead to Better Problem Solving

In addition to making it easier and more convenient for our customers to interface TALOS via their own designated business development contact, the restructuring allows us to gain a better understanding of a customer’s complete business needs, end-to-end. These more direct relationships will enable TALOS to work more closely with our customers to gain greater insight into the challenges they are facing. In turn, our engineering and new product development teams can use this information to design and create new solutions that address and resolve those challenges.

Further, we’ve also added two new members to the TALOS business development team. This expanded head count enables us to dedicate even more time to both existing and prospective customers as we seek to learn about new ways we can help them achieve their business goals.

New Contract Manufacturing Service

As an offshoot of our expanded customer relationships, we discovered a need in the market for what has become TALOS’ newest service offering: contract manufacturing. With our recently expanded assembly center, we’ve more than doubled our production and manufacturing capacity. In addition to allowing us to produce our own products faster and more efficiently, it has also given us the ability to offer support to other OEMs nationwide.

As many companies continue to struggle with longer lead times and supply chain volatility disruptions to their supply chains, many have sought to outsource the fabrication of their components and assemblies domestically. To help those companies, TALOS is offering our contract manufacturing services to material handling OEMs, as well as to those in different industries, such as makers of motor and vehicle components.

How can we help your company? Set up a conversation with one of our business development team members to learn how TALOS can create your next solution. Contact us.