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Automated Material Handling OEM Appreciates TALOS’ Partnership Approach and Customer-First Culture

Posted on May. 9th' 23
Caroline Holley

A major original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of material handling solutions that designs, engineers, and integrates comprehensive automated systems relies on TALOS Engineered Products to supply key components for its projects.

TALOS supplies UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) chutes, galvanized chutes, and stainless steel chutes that leverage the force of gravity to move products and parcels. With the majority of the OEM’s customers representing international retailers, e-commerce operations, and parcel handling facilities, chutes are a key component of their solution designs.

When considering potential vendors, the OEM’s senior procurement manager says he evaluates more than just price when choosing a supplier and its products. Instead, he assesses total value when making a selection.

“Initially, when TALOS Engineered Products began pursuing the opportunity to work with us, we started off with a couple of small projects,” he recalls. “But it became clear that they didn’t just want to sell us products. They wanted to develop a relationship that brought us value.”

Partnership is Key to Customer Success

Because the OEM’s projects represent multi-million-dollar customer investments, developing a true partnership with suppliers is critical to ensuring an installation’s success.

First, the senior procurement manager was impressed with the amount of time the TALOS engineering team spent reviewing the OEM’s projects during the request for proposal (RFP) process.

“Right out of the gate, they invested a lot into the relationship without even having a purchase order in place,” he reports. “They showed they were definitely a supplier who is willing to go the extra mile.”

That dedication is key, he continues, because the successful deployment of one of the OEM’s automated systems can hinge on even the smallest detail.

Because TALOS’ chutes leverage the force of gravity to move products and parcels, the engineering and design for each installation must be extremely precise. If the pitch, angle, size, or profile of each chute isn’t exactly to specifications, item flow can stop. Resulting jams and bottlenecks can quickly bring an automated distribution or fulfillment operation to a standstill.

“Every project we design and engineer is custom, therefore every chute TALOS engineers for us is custom as well,” continues the senior procurement manager. “That makes it critical for my internal engineering team to partner with and trust a supplier’s engineering team. TALOS brings tremendous value through their product testing, evaluation, and engineering services.”

How TALOS Brings Value to OEM’s Projects

Because of TALOS’ high degree of service, OEM’s engineering team has come to rely on the chute manufacturer’s expertise when designing complex automated solutions. In fact, on some of the most challenging projects, their internal engineering department specifically asks for TALOS by name.

“It comes down to the value that TALOS brings,” explains the senior procurement manager. “When a project is complex, our customer has high expectations, and the timeframe is tight, TALOS is absolutely our choice.”

He and his colleagues at the OEM have also experienced outstanding support from TALOS during the sales, engineering, commissioning, and post-implementation phases of their projects. Rodney Osmena, TALOS’ Business Development Manager, serves as their primary contact.

“Rodney is not just a sales guy. He’s a product expert who understands the markets our customers are in, and brings me ideas and solutions,” says the senior procurement manager. “Everyone on the TALOS team provides us with great support throughout a project, no matter how long it takes.”

When Projects Go Sideways, TALOS Steps Up

Certain projects naturally take longer than others, and — given the nature of the construction sites in which the OEM’s solutions are deployed — things can sometimes go sideways. The senior procurement manager reports that, in his experience, some suppliers disappear when problems arise. But not TALOS.

“TALOS answers the phone. They assign a project manager for each project who works with our engineering department to make sure everything is shipping properly and on time. When there’s an issue, they own it,” he reports. “Even better, they learn from these experiences and bring us ideas about how to improve moving forward.”

For example, because the chutes require assembly on-site, TALOS sends one of its field service experts to provide on-site supervision to help guide and troubleshoot their installation, eliminating issues.

“I appreciate how they partner with us to take care of our end customer, and how they proactively communicate and work to resolve problems. I know they’re there for me, because at TALOS, they have a culture that puts their customer first,” continues the senior procurement manager.

“I can work with a supplier on pricing or quality. What I cannot change is the culture of a company. Regardless of the issue — small or big — they take it seriously, right up to their EVP of Products and Services Matt Harvey calling me to check in,” he concludes. “They prioritize our success.”

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