Talos Apprenticeship Program – Year 1

“Talos’ Program is great for me! It gives me insight into the manufacturing process. This will be very useful for my future career in mechanical engineering.”
— Luke Ledford, current TAP student

The Talos TAP Program was created to help students learn and grow. These students are motivated and ready for the future!

The TAP students start their first year in the program working in the shop. They learn valuable skills including welding, shipping, and safety. The students learned what its like work in the manufacturing industry, with real hands-on experience. Rotated regularly to cover all areas of the shop, the students enjoyed meeting new people and talking about their future goals.

With the TAP Program, we hope to empower young adults in their future endeavors. We exist to show how business can improve lives and love others, and with this program we are achieving our purpose.

Know an interested student in the Marshall County, TN, area?
Get more information at corbin.davis@talosep.com!