Choose the Right Baggage Conveyor Supplier to Positively Impact Overall System Performance, Cost and Installation

Most system integrators — including those who design and implement systems for airports — consider the miles of conveyor that move passenger baggage under the terminal to be, well, a commodity. That is, if you’ve seen one conveyor you’ve seen them all, and one supplier is really no different from the rest.

But the truth is, there are considerable differences between conveyor manufacturers and how they quote, construct, and deliver their products. And, depending on the level of service and innovation offered, the one you choose for your next baggage handling project could have a significant impact on the overall system performance, cost, and installation timing.

At TALOS Engineered Products, we have decades of experience engineering and fabricating a broad range of powered conveyor types (including transport and queue/accumulation) for the parcel handling industry. While we recognize that baggage conveyor integrators have plenty of choices in the marketplace, we believe our expertise makes us an optimal supplier for your next project. That’s because we distinguish ourselves, and our conveyor solutions, from the rest in three critical ways:

  1. Thorough, engineering-driven proposals. Most conveyor suppliers simply sell, build, and ship the equipment. At TALOS, we take a more thorough approach to help you solve your customer’s unique application challenges. For example, the majority of proposals from conveyor manufacturers simply break out their proposals on a per-conveyor cost basis with no details as to what each system will include. Conversely, we include a detailed equipment list that outlines every component each conveyor will include.More importantly, every request for proposal we receive is thoroughly reviewed by our engineering team to verify that the planned conveyor design will meet the application requirements. For example, we perform belt pull calculations to confirm that each motor specified will indeed provide the optimal amount of horsepower to accommodate the length, elevation, and target speed of each conveyor. Our goal is to ensure that the entire project runs as smoothly as possible with maximum transparency from the outset. This also significantly reduces the risk of costly change orders and production delays due to design alterations made during manufacturing.
  2. Innovative construction that cuts costs. Many suppliers weld the side guards to the conveyor bed as part of their conveyor fabrication process. Doing so, however, requires a tremendous amount of wasted space within a trailer when packing and shipping the components to the installation site. Instead, we ship those components separately, flat-packed and stacked on a skid, to maximize cubic density in the trailer. (Once on site they can be quickly bolted together.) With trucking rates rising 12% year-over-year, the more components we can pack into your trailer, the lower your transportation costs will be.

Additionally, every conveyor TALOS builds incorporates design elements that save time during field installation. For example, we add punch outs for conduit in our drive frames, standard — no additional charge — eliminating the need for cut-outs to be performed on site, which speeds commissioning. Further, every side guard is reinforced with Unistrut metal framing as opposed to angle irons. In addition to providing additional stiffness, it also provides a surface upon which photo eye brackets and other auxiliary equipment can be easily mounted. This minimizes the need for additional, special purpose mounting brackets for separately integrated components.

  1. Proactive communication. Lots of companies claim they have excellent customer service. We prove it by taking the lead on project communication. Your project manager will update you continuously throughout the project cycle about the status of your system. All calls and emails receive a prompt response.And, should something happen to disrupt the scheduled progress of your project, we contact you immediately to make you aware of the potential delay and propose alternative solutions that can help minimize the impact to your overall timeframe. Our goal is to always keep your project moving forward.

Need help with your next baggage handling conveyor project? We’d love for you to experience what sets us apart from other conveyor manufacturers and suppliers. Let’s start a conversation today. Contact us.


Rich Powers
Vice President – Baggage Handling