Talos Engineered Products Successfully Delivers UHMW Chutes to European Customers On-Time, Despite Pandemic Travel Restrictions and Global Supply Chain Disruptions

Despite COVID-related shutdowns throughout Europe at the start of the pandemic, and the recent blockage in the Suez Canal, Talos Engineered Products successfully delivered two separates UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) chute projects on-time. Talos Engineered Products supplied its UHMW chutes for parcel flow to a project in Stansted, United Kingdom in Spring 2020, and to a site in Bologna, Italy in Summer 2021.


The chutes’ modular, flexible construction allows them to be built and shipped anywhere worldwide. When it became apparent that our European source for the UHMW material was not going to be able to deliver on time due to the above-mentioned supply chain disruptions, we were able to leverage our expansive global network of suppliers and source the material elsewhere.


Thanks to the geographic breadth of Talos’ supply chain, we can strategically redirect materials and components required for projects from our other sources. With such tactical supply line flexibility in place, these two projects — which included more than 140 chutes for the Stansted location and more than 240 chutes for the Bologna facility — were able to proceed as planned, with no impact to the original delivery and installation schedule.


Ideal for both parcel handling and distribution/fulfillment operations, Talos’ UHMW chutes are often used throughout the sortation process. They provide a low friction, non-magnetic, self-lubricating, and highly abrasion resistant surface — unlike chutes made of steel or galvanized material (which has become increasingly difficult to source). Offered in spiral and self-centering configurations, our chutes are built from standardized, modular components and do not require welding to assemble.


Talos Engineered Products is excited to formally introduce our line of UHMW chutes to the continental market at our first European trade show exhibit. Our team and solutions will be on display in Booth 6056 at Parcel+Post Expo in Vienna, Austria, October 12-14, 2021.


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Mark Humphrey
General Manager