Posted on Jul. 21st' 21

Having built a solid reputation with our U.S. customers as being a reliable, easy to work with supplier of material handling conveyor and UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) chutes for case and parcel flow, TALOS Engineered Products was recently asked by an end user to support several new projects in Europe. After investigating the market and potential opportunities for business growth, we made the leap across the Atlantic and formed Talos Engineered Products Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of TALOS LLC that is headquartered in Ireland.

Mark Humphrey has been appointed General Manager of the new company. With nearly four years of experience as Vice President of our U.S. Manufacturing Operation, we are delighted to task Mark with growing TALOS’ footprint on a new continent.

Initially, Talos Engineered Products Ltd. will be focused on supplying UHMW chutes to both the parcel handling and distribution/fulfillment markets in Europe. Unlike steel or galvanized chutes used for flow from one level to another in an operation, UHMW chutes provide a low friction, non-magnetic, self-lubricating, and highly abrasion resistant surface. This ensures smoother, more reliable product flow that minimizes the risk of jams. The material also significantly reduces chute maintenance.

Additionally, our UHMW chutes come in spiral and self-centering configurations. They are constructed from standardized, modular components and do not require welding to assemble. Instead, they are flat packed for shipment directly to the installation site, allowing a single truckload to transport multiple chutes. This significantly maximizes trailer capacity while reducing overall freight costs — unlike standard chutes that are assembled and pre-welded prior to shipment and installation. Upon arrival, the chutes’ patent-pending design allows for quick construction and field adjustments.

Every UHMW chute is custom engineered by TALOS’ in-house team of design engineers to match the application’s required widths and pitches. Initially, as we bring our European operations up to speed, engineering services will continue to be based in the U.S. at our Lewisburg, Tennessee location. We have worked diligently to identify material suppliers and form partnerships that enable us to provide the chute components to our customers via a supply chain-based model. This approach will enable us to more quickly scale up to meet the needs of our customers as swiftly as possible by eliminating the long lead times associated with capital expenditures.

We’re excited to formally introduce our UHMW chutes to the continental market when we exhibit at our first European trade show. Our team and solutions will be on display in Booth 6056 at Parcel+Post Expo in Vienna, Austria, October 12-14, 2021.

Need help with your next parcel flow project? We look forward to continuing to provide exceptional customer service and innovative solutions to our customers both in the U.S. and throughout Europe. Let’s start a conversation today. Contact us.